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Carbohydrate and Calorie Content of Foods By Item

When you or your child athlete thinks of food, you should think about carbohydrates, with the primary food sources being the whole-grain products, vegetables, and fruits that make up three quarters of the FDA's MyPlate food guidance system.

Three bean salad with mint leaf
Studies have shown that adequate dietary carbohydrates must be consumed on a daily basis, especially after exercise, to restore levels of carbohydrates (glycogen) stored in the body's muscles and liver, which, as the preferred fuel for most types of exercise, is required for peak athletic performance.The message from these studies is clear: not only is a diet high in nutrient-dense carbohydrates needed, but extra carbohydrate is beneficial as well. The fatigue and poor performance associated with glycogen depletion can be prevented by a carbohydrate-rich diet and with periodic rest days to give the muscles time to replenish the glycogen.

So what foods are rich in carbohydrates? Check out our list:

Food GroupCarbohydrates
Milk (higher % of simple carbohydrates; less nutrient dense)
Chocolate milk (1 cup)26208
Low fat (2%) milk12121
Pudding (any flavor) (1/2 cup)30161
Skim milk (1 cup)1286
Yogurt (fruit-flavored, low fat) (1 cup)42225
Yogurt (frozen, low fat) (1 cup)34220
Beans (higher % of complex carbohydrates; more nutrient dense)
Black eye peas (1/2 cup)22134
Garbanzo beans (chick peas) (1 cup)45269
Navy beans (1 cup)48259
Pinto beans (1 cup)44235
Refried beans (1/2 cup)26142
White beans (1 cup)45249
Fruits (higher % of simple carbohydrates; less nutrient dense)
Apple (1 medium)2181
Apple juice (1 cup)28111
Applesauce (1 cup)60232
Banana (1)27105
Cantaloupe (1 cup)1457
Dates (dried)(10)61228
Fruit Roll-Ups (1 roll)1250
Grapes (1 cup)28114
Grape Juice (1 cup)2396
Orange (1)1665
Orange Juice (1 cup)26112
Pear (1)2598
Pineapple (1 cup)1977
Prunes (dried)(10)53201
Raisins (1/2 cup)79302
Raspberries (1 cup)1461
Strawberries (1 cup)1145
Watermelon (1 cup)1250
Vegetables (higher % of complex carbohydrates; more nutrient dense)
Carrot (1 medium)831
Corn (1/2 cup)2189
Beans, Lima (1/2 cup cooked)20108
Peas, green (1/2 cup)1263
Potato (1 large, baked, plain)50220
Sweet Potato (1 large)28118
Three-bean salad (1/2 cup)2090
Grains (higher % of complex carbohydrates; more nutrient dense)
Bagel (1)31165
Biscuit (1)13103
Breadsticks (2 sticks)1577
Bread (white)(1 slice)1261
Bread (whole wheat)(1 slice)1155
Cereal, ready to eat (1 cup)24110
Cookie (oatmeal raisin)(1)962
Cornbread (1 square)28178
Cream of Rice (3/4 cup)2195
Cream of Wheat (3/4 cup)2096
English Muffin25130
Fig Bar (1)1050
Graham crackers (2 squares)1160
Granola bar (honey and oats) (1 ounce)19125
Hamburger bun (1)21119
Hot dog bun (1)21119
Noodles (spaghetti)(1 cup)34159
Oatmeal (1/2 cup)1266
Oatmeal, Quaker instant, flavored (1 packet)25110
Pancake (4 inch diameter)1041
Pizza (cheese)(1 slice)39290
Popcorn, plain (1 cup, popped)626
Pretzels (1 ounce)21106
Rice, white (1 cup)50223
Rice, brown (1 cup)50232
Saltines (5 crackers)1060
Tortilla, flour (1)1585
TriscuitsTM (3 crackers)1060
Waffles (2, 3.5" x 5.5")17130

source: momsteam

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